It is not surprising that students taking their SATs this year are trying to get the best preparation possible for the 30-minute essay. If you have been wondering how to write an essay fast or what essay topics are best to look at, then you have come to the right place. At first it may seem like a challenging task; however, with the correct time management and essay writing tips, it can feel like second nature.


Why Follow Our Essay Writing Tips?
Most young academics are on a tight and busy schedule; therefore, they do not have much time to waste on any irrelevant reading material.  We recommend that students follow the essay writing tips listed in this article to achieve the best result possible. Remember that seeking out academic assistance from essay writing services is not something to be ashamed of but rather the fastest possible way to get the job done.

Create The Perfect Essay Outline

As we all know, academic papers generally follow the same structural requirements. This means that for this particular assignment, creating a strong essay outline involves:

  • A Thesis Statement
  • Introduction
  • Main Body Paragraph
  • Present your weakest supporting point first
  • Describe the ramifications of the counter arguments
  • Eliminate any shade of doubt with the most influential supporting claim
  • Conclusion
  • Appropriate linking sentences

The keys to learning how to write an essay fast indicate that an excellent outline and strong linking sentences are half the battle. Good connecting words or phrases to use are: Firstly, secondly, according to, as stated by, in accordance with, following such assumptions, etc.

Examples Of Potential Essay Topics
Here is a list of potential essay topics students can use as practice before the actual exam.

  • Is it possible for a society to be fair to everyone?
  • Is being a passionate moral character the most important qualification for a leader?
  • Is it better for people to act on their feelings than try to talk about them?

It is essential to keep in mind that essay topics may vary in length and formatting due to the nature of the assessment. Nonetheless, regardless of the format used the core concept and requirements remain the same.

How To Write An Academic Paper Quickly: Getting Started
As previously mentioned this article is designed to help you ace the SATs 30 minute assignment. This task will require students to write four to five paragraphs of text which should include:

  1. A Thesis Statement
  2. Good Supporting Arguments
  3. A Rhythmic Text Flow

There is no need to be intimidated by such a task as students are given prompts or paper topics that they already have knowledge of. Thus, one should focus on their time management skills and have a clear vision of how the assignment should be tackled.

Break Down The Process Into Steps
Step 1
It is crucial when learning how to write an essay fast that one does not waste time going through the available essay topics or prompts for too long. The best thing to do is to spend about 60 seconds examining all the given prompts as well as deciding on which one of them allows you to present a cohesive argument. Due to the large variety of options available it’s more than likely that students will already have an opinion on the matter. Having decided on the prompt, pick a side to the argument and brainstorm possible supporting points for it.

Think of the following questions when trying to put things into perspective:

Why do I support this point of view?
What are the possible counter-arguments to my assumptions?
What makes this perspective better?
How can I prove that it really is better?

Remember to take notes on what you think the answers are to those questions. Overall this step should take no longer than three minutes.

Step 2
With 27 minutes left on the clock and a bunch of notes scribbled down, it is time to start structuring our essay outline. The best formula for doing so requires the individual to allocate no more than 10 minutes on this particular step. That is a rather considerable amount of time, and it is crucial to use it wisely. By having a solid essay outline students can avoid rewriting or restructuring paragraphs as everything is tailored to work in sync.

So what can you do to get it done as quickly as possible? Start by taking the answers from the questions we have discussed earlier in the outline and draw circles representing one’s supporting ideas. It is best to associate and interlink them with each other since this will ensure that our structure follows a logical flow. For example, let us apply these essay writing tips to the “Is it better for people to act on their feelings than try to talk about them?” prompt. Some of the points that can be used as supporting ideas revolve around:

Society’s expectations of our behavior
Actions speak louder than words
Dealing with depression takes action
Communicating with others creates bonds and a feeling of mutual understanding
Combining the two to get the best of both worlds

With our essay outline now more or less complete it’s time to get our hands dirty and start writing the assignment itself.

Step 3
After all the main points have been categorized and structured accordingly, the rest of our time will be devoted to writing up the task and ultimately proofreading it. Aim to keep the introduction and conclusion rather succinct since most of the space will be devoted to the main body. Ideally, they should have a maximum of two to three sentences while the body paragraphs have three to four. Students should be looking to spend three minutes per average on each one of them individually.

Step 4
When it comes to writing up the introduction, students must remember that this is where they must hook the audience and create a connection between them and the thesis statement. The goal is to describe the subject matter uniquely, making the audience curious and leaving them wanting to find out more. After having successfully grabbed the audience’s attention, link it to the thesis statement using a transitory sentence. This is done to make sure that the text keeps a stable flow throughout and that there are no inconsistencies.

Remember to craft the thesis statement according to our essay writing tips. That means have it based on the opinion that was chosen initially and stay consistent.

Step 5
If you are still wondering why we drew those circles earlier, well it’s about time we make adequate use of them in our essay topics. The main body is based on points and the supporting ideas they are referring to. They should all be interlinked using transitory sentences thus highlighting how they are all connected and form the bigger picture. Remember that the simplest way to structure one’s arguments is by displaying our initial claim first followed by the supporting ideas. This links it to the next section, establishing its relevancy in the bigger picture.

Bring the ideas to life in such a way as to have the necessary weight to persuade the audience. That means that one of the three paragraphs in the main body should be devoted to covering any possible arguments that the opposition might have to your thesis. Covering multiple perspectives throughout the essay topics shows that the essay writer has the skills to assess a situation holistically.

Step 6
The proper conclusion is composed of two core elements. First of all, you want to restate the thesis statement and summarize how it was proven. Secondly, we finish off the essay with a concluding statement that explains how your thesis is relevant to real-world situations as well as how it can be applied. Having successfully concluded the assignment students are generally left with five to seven minutes of spare time left to go over their paper topics.

Proofreading And Editing The Paper
The pressure of writing an assignment under exam conditions is never a pill easy to swallow. It is not uncommon for students to find themselves cutting it close to the 30-minute time limit, however by using our essay writing tips that should no longer be a problem. Correcting spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and the overall structure of the final version will show the examiner that you used those 30 minutes to the max. Now that you have learned all the tricks of the trade and know how to write an essay quickly nothing is stopping you from scoring the best possible grade.

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